Re-Think Trident Now!

Wrexham thought of all the things they could spend money on if Trident was not replaced, eg Health, Education, Jobs, Pensions ... No Trident Replacement! (Picture reproduced with kind permission of Wrexham Campaign for Peace and Justice.)

Replacing Trident will cost the UK 76 billion.   Why do we need Trident now?  Is Russia about to attack?  Do we actually want to encourage non-nuclear states to develop their own weapons systems, or for unstable countries with nuclear weapons to keep on developing them?  In case Gordon Brown has not yet noticed, we have an economic  crisis.  We  need to invest in education, health, housing, the environment, jobs …    Research by York University estimates that while cancelling the Trident replacement will cause initial job losses, redirected spending will ultimately generate 105,000 new jobs.  The money saved on Trident could also help create more green industries and jobs and contribute towards reducing the scale of carbon pollution.

Here are some things you could do right now to help encourage the government to re-think Trident.

Lobby parliament.  Many MP’s are already unhappy about Trident.  161 have voted against the scheduled replacement, due to go ahead in 2024.  167 voted for an amendment saying that the case for replacement had not yet been proven.  Sign the Compass/CND statement:

Sign the Statement

Ask your MP to sign this Early Day Motion

Early Day Motion Against Replacing Trident


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