John Hemming Signs EDM Calling on Government to Abandon Trident Renewal

John Hemming, MP for Yardley Constituency (Wickipedia Commons)

We emailed Yardley Constituency MP John Hemming to call his attention to Early Day Motion 340, which you can read here.   The motion calls on the Government to abandon the plans to re-new the Trident nuclear submarines.

John has previously explained to us that he does not support unilateral nuclear disarmament, but that,  he fully agrees with, and  supports,  his party (Liberal-Democratic) in opposing the renewal of the Trident.

John responded to our email saying that he would have a look at the motion, which he would probably be able to sign.  We are pleased to note that John has, indeed,  now signed the motion.  Thanks for your prompt action John.

If John Hemming is not your MP, why not drop a line to your own M.P, sending them the link?


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