Tsutomu Yamaguchi, Double Atomic Bomb Survivor, Dies

Tstutomu-Yamaguchi , Survivor of Hiroshima and Nagisaki, Wickipedia Fair Use

Tstutomu-Yamaguchi has died aged aged 93, of cancer, probably as a result of the damage he incurred when he was caught in the nuclear holocausts of both Hiroshima, which he was visiting on a business trip, and then three days later, when he was back home … in Nagisaki.   He witnessed horrific sites, which made him weep when he recounted them, but, himself, had two extremely lucky escapes, although exposure to the blasts left him with skin cancer, partial deafness and a life of pain.  His children both died as young adults of cancer.   After remaining silent for four decades Yamaguchi spoke out against nuclear weapons four years ago at a United Nations meeting and published a book on his experiences.  His greatest ambition was to meet President Obama and to discuss with the the President his pledge to abolish all nuclear weapons.   Yamaguchi died whilst waiting for Obama to visit Japan.

Full story in The Independent, here.


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