Steve McCabe (Hall Green) Only MP in Area to Support Trident Replacemen

Steve McCabe MP (Hall Green) Supports Trident replacement.

Having found out that we have two local MP’s who oppose Trident replacement we figured it was high time we found out what the others in the area we cover thoughts.  So we did:

Lorely Burt (Solihull) strongly opposes Trident replacement:

the proof

Roger Godsiff (Sparkbrook and Small Heath) Strongly opposes Trident Replacement:

the proof

More: Roger Godsiff  has also actively campaigned in The House of Commons itself against Trident.  Read about it here

John Hemming (Yardley) strongly opposes Trident replacement:

the proof

Lynne Jones (Selly Oak) strongly opposes Trident replacement

the proof

Note: Incidentally, Lynne Jones is not standing again.   In the re-organisation of the constituency boundaries  some of Ms Jones constituents will become Mr McCabe’s constituents if he wins again in the next election.  He  will be standing as Labour candidate  for the newly re-drawn constituency of Birmingham Selly Oak.  This new constituency will also still cover part of Hall Green CND’s area, especially  Billesley.

Steve McCabe:  (Hall Green) Strongly in favour of Trident replacement:

the proof

So there we have it.  There is a major credit crunch on.  Public spending is being massively cut.  The Chancellor says the next spending review will be the toughest for 20 years, as he tries to bring down a 174 billion £ deficit. (source: Guardian 9.1.2010 ) According to recent reports Birmingham City Council is, alone, facing a 34 £ million deficit and is already cutting back on city projects.  (e.g. a scheme to improve Acocks Green centre is now on indefinite hold.)

Meantime, Mr McCabe is happy to support a potential spend of, at least 76 and possibly as much as 130 billion £  (check out our postings below)  on Trident subs to, er, protect us against the Russians??

Right now we have just one thing to say to Mr McCabe:

Our message to Steve McCabe

We trust that Mr McCabe will be prepared to spend some time discussing this point with Hall Green CND, and Hall Green voters generally, before the next election, and preferably as a matter of urgency.

Meantime  … ,  for everyone else who is not Steve McCabe,  our member Chris recently returned to St Michael’s  Church,  in Hall Green, where he used to be minister, to promote a message: get some of these:

(see enlargement below)

(they are free from National CND here though a donation helps) and send them, and other stuff you will find there to your friends, relatives, MP’s …


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