Hall Green CND Goes on the Election Campaign Trail

Campaigning in Acocks Green  - Saturday 17 April

Campagining in Acocks Green - Saturday 17 April - Brenda gives the lo-down on Trident

There’s a general election on.  So we thought it was about time we did what CND groups are supposed to do during elections.  We collected our posters, placards, stall, clipboard, leaflets … banner … and we stood outside the Post Office in Acocks Green.  Nearly everyone took a leaflet.

Instead of Trident, I would like ... (What else would YOU spend 76+ billion on?)

Lots of people could think of other things to spend their money on …

We had some good conversations, too.   One of our members is from Sweden:

Passer By:  If we have nuclear weapons it makes us safer, you see, because other countries don’t want to attack us.

Ulla: Where I come from, in Sweden, everyone feels very safe because we haven’t got any nuclear weapons.  That way we are not involved, and who would want to attack?  In that way, Swedish people feel sorry for me, living in the UK.  They think I am so much more vulnerable.

Passer By: ‘I’d never thought of it that way before.  I will have to go away and have a think.

Still Think Our Banner's Rather Nice!

We will be there again – 2 p.m., on Saturday 1st May.  If you are around, do drop by and say hallo.  If you are standing in the election we would LOVE to see you!


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