Another Busy Afternoon … (1 May 2010)

Seen a lot of people walking through Acocks Green on 1 May staring thoughtfully at leaflets?  A lot more people in Acocks Green have heard of CND and of Trident now!    ‘Just like old times’ one person said, after taking a leaflet.   Two different people had stories of mothers who were old CND campaigners: one at Greenham common.  But  now we are reaching a new generation, too.   One young woman took a leaflet questioningly:  ‘What is this about, exactly?’  On being told, and asked if that made sense, she said ‘Yes.  It does actually.’  and walked away looking thoughtful.  This is our second foray onto a local high street in recent weeks.  This is more than just a trip down memory lane though.  Now we know it works, we will be doing more!

Leafleting on Trident in Acocks Green - for 2010 General Election


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