What happened to our democracy

What happened to our democracy?
Is there not going to be a debate in Parliament whether the UK is to go ahead with the Trident renewal? Scrapping Trident and cancelling its replacement would save us over £100 billion.
Since the election, the government has said that the main gate decision will be taken 2016 i.e. after next election………Read on: Hansard, 9 February 2011 col 295-296 Oral Answers to read the whole text.
The Prime Minister: First of all, let me make this point. The replacement of Trident is going ahead. The investment is going in; the initial gate will soon be passed. ………
And now read this:
EDM 909 Trident Replacement
That this House welcomes the announcement of a reduction in operational warheads from 160 to 120 in the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) and a delay in the Main Gate decision until 2016; regrets that consideration of the necessity of retaining nuclear weapons was not formally included in the SDSR; notes that the threat of a state-originated nuclear attack on the UK was described as of low likelihood in the National Security Strategy; and therefore calls on the Government to ensure that a full public review of the UK’s possession of nuclear weapons is held prior to the Main Gate decision-point.

Roger Godsiff, MP for Hall Green and John Hemming, MP for Yardley have signed it and 71 other MPs for which we are very thankful.
We really need to contact our MPs in your own words – something like this:
Dear Roger Godsiff,
Thank you for signing our EDM 909 Trident Replacement.
It is regrettable that the issue of whether nuclear weapons should remain a part of our nation’s defence was left out of the Strategic Defence and Security Review.
MPs must be allowed full scrutiny of the Trident replacement programme. Analysis associated with the SDSR including the Value for Money Review should be made available and time should be provided for MPs to fully debate the government’s proposals ahead of the Main Gate decision.
Please keep the pressure on the government by writing to the Defence Secretary directly and calling for the Value for Money review to be published, and a full review of UK nuclear weapons possession before the Main Gate decision.
Yours sincerely,


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