Candlelight Vigil to Remember Chernobyl

25th April   8:00-9.30pm

Birmingham – Victoria Square

Join us in Victoria square for a night of music, speeches, performances and a candlelight vigil

This vigil will be organised by Chernobyl Children\’s Project (Solihull Branch) supporting chidren whose cancers are likely to have been caused by Chernobyl.  On the 26th April 2011, it will be 25 years since the world’s worst nuclear power disaster at the Chernobyl power station in northern Ukraine. It was a disaster that changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Despite the evacuation of over 400,000 people, it is estimated that there are still two million people living on seriously contaminated land in Belarus.   Incidence of cancers, heart problems, respiratory illnesses and birth defects have soared.

Perhaps we need particularly to be thinking of Chernobyl in the light of the horrific turn of events in Fukushima, in which the crisis level has now been raised to 7: the same level as for Chernobyl.   In this article Dr Janette  Sherman, specialist in Internal Medicine and Toxicology asks Will Fukushima be worse than Chernobyl?  On Monday CND speaker Jenny Mazwell will refer to the Fukushima as well as to Chernobyl.

Cath McElholm, spokesperson from the Chernobyl Children’s Project, said
‘With the current events in Japan, the name of Chernobyl is once again very much in the press and media. We are holding this candlelit vigil to help ensure that the world continues to remember the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. There is no doubt that Chernobyl will continue to cast a shadow over generations to come. We welcome public support for the vigil – please bring family and friends!’

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