Into Eternity – A Film about Nuclear Waste

Birmingham International Film Society

Tuesday 3 May  6.15 pm , Library Theatre, Birmingham Central Library:  Tickets £3.50 waged, £2.50 concessions.

Finland/Sweden/Denmark 2010 1hr 15 mins

Deep under the earth in Finland, a series of tunnels and bunkers are being hewn out of the rock. Onkalo (Hidden Place), begun in 1970, is a project to provide a permanent resting place for radioactive nuclear waste for the next 100,000 years.  How do you mark the site for future generations?  Will they understand the danger? Madsen takes us through the silent labyrinths and interviews the scientists who are thinking far beyond our lifetimes.

‘An eerie, provocativge, poetic film’  – The Observer. There is a Guardian review of the film here

Screening in partnership with West Midlands CND with an introduction by Jenny Maxwell

For further details see the listing at Birmingham International Film Society here


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