No More Fukushimas …

Twenty-five years on from the Chernobyl disaster the world is facing a new nuclear catastrophe at Fukushima, yet the UK remains committed to building new nuclear power stations.

For details of a public meeting in London on 26 April, to be addressed by former Environment Minister Michael Meacher MP, Dr Paul Dorfman of Warwick University and Prof Dilwyn Williams of Cambridge University with Caroline Lucas MP in the chair click  here For details of Birmingham’s own vigil (and speeches) in Victoria Square on 25th April, to remember Chernobyl, see our own posting here

Having received 600 emails from CND supporters – now up to 1300 – Chris Huhne has responded (Use magnifer +) saying ‘the Government would consider the Nuclear National Policy Statement in light of the emerging nuclear crisis in Japan before proceeding with the ratification process.’ But despite that, he says he is reassured by the UK’s ‘strong safety record’ and still remains committed to new nuclear power stations as part of our energy future.

It is vital therefore that we build the movement against new nuclear power.

Take action: two emails to oppose nuclear power 

  1. You can email Energy Secretary Chris Huhne and tell him to oppose new nuclear power stations.
  2. You can email your MP – (click here and add your postcode for template email to your local MP) and ask them to sign EDM 1615 calling for the suspension of new nuclear power stations in light of events at Fukushima.

Chernobyl by Timm Suess CC by-sa-2 Chernobyl briefing…

See CND’s new briefing on Chernobyl for information about how it happened, the scale of the casualties, environmental impact and the continued dangers posed by the site. here


One thought on “No More Fukushimas …

  1. Hello,
    We The People of Southern California recently became sufficiently active to force the shut down of the cripples nuclear reactor at San Onofre. Here I am singing a song I wrote to “spread the word”. Enjoy!

    Peace and to our Clean, Green Future!

    Tom English

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