Budget Day Protests: Time to Cut Trident!


Budget Day Protest:

Time to Cut Trident


On 21st March Chancellor George Osborne will be announcing the 2012 budget.

Money is tight, and no doubt austerity will be the guiding principle, but in the meantime the UK is spending £100 billion on nuclear weapons.

CND will be protesting, to say this is a huge waste of money when sweeping cuts are being made to essential services.

Supported by Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union, Coalition of Resistance and Stop the War Coalition – we are coming together for a joint ‘It’s Us or Them’ protest.

If you can, come wearing hospital scrubs, academic mortarboard and gown, a firefighter’s helmet or other outfit to shoulder the burden of Trident, while others will be dressed as bankers and politicians!


Donate to our bus adverts

MOCKuP_2 CND will be running bus adverts in London in the last two weeks of March to highlight the huge expenditure on Trident.In the hour or so it takes Mr Osborne to tell us his plans for the coming year around £227,000 will be spent on Trident. More than £2 billion is spent every year.It’s a phenomenal amount of money, and completely wasted. Worse than wasted in fact, spent on genocidal weapons.If you would like to contribute to the cost of the adverts, you can do so on the National CND website here.

Direct action in Parliament SquareTake action!
Tell George Osborne:
Time to Cut Trident

With Budget Day approaching, it’s important to tell George Osborne to cut Trident. Completely.

Cuts across public services are causing real pain but billions are being poured into the replacement programme for the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons.

Tell him that this is the spending cut you support.


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