Debate in Parliament

There was a debate in Parliament 20.01.2015. The motion was:

Trident should not be renewed

Roger GodsiffRoger Godsiff was present and voted for the motion. He spoke at length. Here are some points he made:

Roger Godsiff (Birmingham, Hall Green) (Lab):

I have always believed that NATO is the most successful mutual defence pact in history […]

I am one of the people who regret the change in strategy that resulted in NATO becoming the world’s policeman. That was dangerous, and it has put enormous strain on NATO, but it is still an effective mutual defence pact. I shall argue that that is how we get our security, rather than with the mythical idea that we have an independent nuclear deterrent […]

The UK does not own the missiles on its submarines. It leases Trident II D5 missiles from the United States […] I would say that we are totally dependent on America.

We acquired these weapons from the USA.

I would argue that we are far better off maintaining and developing our conventional forces […]

I also believe that the greatest threat to this country comes not from other countries but from groups, some of which operate outside this country but some of which operate within this country. In a choice between spending money on conventional weapons and improving our international security of committing £100 billion to a mythical so called independent deterrent, I know which I would choose. That is why I will be voting against my party and in favour of the motion.

You can read more of what he said and the whole debate here:Trident Renewal [20 Jan 2015]

John Hemming was not present at the debate but his stated position is that he believes that less money should be spent on Trident, and more on conventional forces.  less money on Trident and more money on conventional forces

It is worth reminding us of the workings of politicians: billions of pounds have been spent on the renewal of Trident already, i.e. before the Main Gate decision. So when the final Gate decision is going to be taken the arguments will be that we have spent so much already so that it will be wasteful not to continue.

(The development of the replacement submarines was broken down into three phases: concept, assessment and construction. The concept phase lasted from March 2007 (House of Commons vote) to May 2011 (publication of Parliamentary Initial Gate report). The assessment phase will last from May 2011 (Initial Gate) to the Main Gate decision, expected to take place in 2016 (as stated in the Strategic Defence and Security Review in 2010, and again in the initial Gate report). The Main Gate decision is where authorisation for construction is taken.)
The Hall Green CND aim is to ask Hall Green and Yardley election candidates about their views on the renewal of Trident and post their answers on this site.


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