Meet your anti-Trident candidates for Yardley 2015

On Saturday May 2, 2015 11-1 pm candidates from three Birmingham, Yardley, parties will be in Acocks Green Village centre, outside the old Post Office, Warwick Road.  The object of the exercise will be to talk about the proposed replacement of the Trident nuclear submarines in 2016 at an estimated cost of 100 billion pounds.  All three candidates are opposed to this replacement.

There will be stalls to represent the parties and Hall Green CND. Candidates, party members and helpers and Hall Green CND will give out leaflets and chat with passers-by about the issue of Trident in this election, emphasising their choice of anti-Trident candidates.

The event will take place in a canopied part of the shopping centre, so there will be some protection in bad weather.  It will be accessible to all, and there are nearby coffee shops.

Candidates present will include, in alphabetical order:

Grant Bishop - for GE (Greens) 2015

Grant Bishop, Green Party

Eamonn Flynn - AG Ward Candidate 2014-cropped

Eamonn Flynn, TUSC

Teval Stephens (Respect) for GE - cropped

Teval Stephens, Respect

Teval Stephens says:

 If we tell youths not to carry knives as it will increase chances of them being stabbed then we should scrap Trident to reduce the chances of the UK being nuked.

Grant Bishop who is standing in Yardley for The Green Party added:

Nuclear disarmament is a longstanding goal of the Green Party. Rather than replacing Trident, the UK should be leading the way in disarming.



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